As per, if you are ranking on the 2nd page of the SERPs, you instantly lose out 90% of your target market.

So, how do you get to the top?

Effective content + best SEO Practices

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Leveraging SEO expertise across a number of industry-specific writing teams, we put quality at the forefront of your content.

We give you high quality blogs which appear on top in search page results.

We specialize in designing and running Bounty Programs for ICOs to generate traffic on all platforms.

Our article “What are Bounty Programs in ICO campaigns?” is ranked No.1 in Google.

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We help ICOs and Blockchain projects with Video Creation.

This video will be an animated video introducing your projects to the crypto crowd.

Sample videos:

FundYourselfNow Intro Video
Carbon Grid Protocol


DigiBlocks is a Content Marketing firm which focuses on getting high quality SEO friendly blogs mainly for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency based projects. These blogs rank higher in Search Page Results, hence giving more organic traffic for your website. The articles are carefully designed with effective keywords related to crypto and blockchain, efficient SEO strategy and posted on the popular Medium publications. Thereby, ranking higher in the search results.

Remember, content with good SEO can put you ahead from your competition and can get you huge amount of organic traffic, if done effectively.


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